Recent Updates

In case you have missed some of our News Updates, here’s a brief summary of recent events:

1) We’re now entering our 3rd year of offering the PIPP and such has been the success, the insurers XLCatlin have agreed once again to keep the premiums at the same level.

2) As soon as we can get more pilots ‘on board’ we can look at reducing these premiums in the future, so please spread the word! Incidentally, if you have any colleagues interested I would be happy to meet with them either individually or as a group to answer any questions about the PIPP that they may have! They can also visit our website at http://insurefirst.com.qa/pilots.

3) We have had our first claim and this has proved to be a great success. Capt. H (I have kept his name confidential) has now received $60,000 in benefits from his PIPP for the initial premium of just $2,500. Obviously our best wishes go out to Capt. H for a speedy recovery, but he at least is comfortable in the knowledge that whilst he is still unable to fly he will continue to be in receipt of $10,000 per month! Capt. H said “The plan really works without any problems and is straight forward, a great insurance and a big big help. Otherwise I would be already in financial problems. The money was in two days ago. Perfect!!!!I thank you so much Andy!!!” (Email rec’d 9th April 2016)

4) And finally, the Pilots Life Cover Plan which we introduced earlier this year, is also proving to be a great success. With no requirement for a visit to the doctor and simple application form the Plan fits in with a Pilots busy schedule. For further information on the Plan please go to http://insurefirst.com.qa/pilots-life-cover-plan.

For more details, or if you have any questions please call us.