Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials (English Edition)

Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials explores the jurisprudence of baseball through 110 principal readings, 619 notes, and 26 photographs. After an introductory chapter that acquaints students with the sport and the role lawyers have played in its development, the authors proceed to examine a multitude of legal issues, from player salaries, franchise relocations, and steroids to fan safety, broadcast rights, and gambling. Special attention is paid to racial and sexual discrimination; tax planning, asset protection, and bankruptcy; and the burgeoning use of technology. A concluding chapter focuses on amateur and youth baseball.The book draws on a variety of materials—including court decisions, arbitration awards, law review articles, newspapers stories, and blog posts—to place baseball in three different contexts: cultural, historical, and legal. The exhaustive notes make numerous references to movies, TV shows, and videos to further demonstrate the connection between baseball and the law. In addition to being a fun read, this work will strengthen a student’s understanding of such core subjects as civil procedure, constitutional law, property, and torts while improving his or her ability to read contracts and parse statutes. The accompanying Teacher’s Manual provides invaluable tips for both new and experienced instructors."The authors have adopted a familiar casebook format, presenting edited opinions followed by notes providing legal and factual context. While this book’s format is traditional, the content is anything but.Chapters are designed to orient readers to the variety of legal issues involving commissioners, teams, stadiums, players, fans, and amateurs. Through the authors’ efforts to collect and organize these cases, Baseball and the Law illuminates how the law shapes the way baseball is played and enjoyed." — The Harvard Law Review“[This book] is like no baseball book I've ever had the pleasure to pick up (or, at hardback and 1,040 pages, do curls with). [...] I'm neither a lawyer nor a reviewer of books, but I find Baseball and the Law to be a fun volume to have on the bookshelf. Gift givers looking for a baseball item for the fan who has everything have something unique to consider as a stocking stuffer. Because unless your fan is a student or a professor at a participating law school, (s)he doesn't have this.” — Howard Cole, Forbes“I must confess that when I read Baseball and the Law, it was the first textbook I could remember that I actually enjoyed reading. It is not only a significant compilation of the cases that have provided the law relating to baseball, it is also a remarkable history of the sport and the business surrounding it.After a couple of essays in the introduction, the authors begin with a review of baseball cases dating back to the 1800s. While I am no expert in baseball law, I cannot conceive of any area of baseball law that is not covered by the book.I have to assert that Baseball and the Law is a phenomenal compilation of the law regarding most, if not all, facets of baseball litigation and law. It is truly an enjoyable read.” — Major B. Harding (former chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court and shareholder with Ausley McMullen in Tallahassee), The Florida Bar Journal“For anyone who has a deep interest in the game of baseball and wants to understand its legal history, this is a fascinating book as well as a great reference tool.” — Vince Gennaro, President of Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)“[Schiff and Jarvis have] combined their work and play to create an innovative way to teach law—and perhaps expand the trivia repertoire of diehard fans. [Baseball and the Law] is a 1,040-page look at 110

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Book Title: Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials (English Edition)

Book Author: Louis H. Schiff,Robert M. Jarvis

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